Entrepreneur and developer Will Herrmann, founder of West Eleven, explains why local communities have never been as important as they are right now — and how to make them a business priority.

There is, of course, no doubt about the need to think globally; and whatever deal may or may…

By Benjamin Hall, Managing Director at LOFT. In this article, he explores why property staging can make a real difference in the way you sell property.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and property staging is an essential element for landlords and agents to help capture the attention of target buyers…

By Michelle Lowe, Qandor member and founder of Redshell Consulting.

Money makes the world go round. That good old infamous phrase, and offering cash, bribes, kickbacks, and other incentives in exchange for business is a model as old as time.

Although it’s been the way of the world since trading…

Written by Qandor member Rachel Geddes, Business Principal and a Mortgage Adviser at Mortgage Advice Bureau on Lombard Street.

When I started out in the financial industry over 15 years ago, the world felt a different place to what it is now.

However, given the recent events around the unjust…

Where will we find deals as we adopt a ‘new normal’, now and post the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Michelle Lowe, Qandor member and founder of Redshell Consulting, writes about the stagnation in the construction industry.

Construction project delivery, well, it’s a tricky business, isn’t it? Having been on the front line of construction project delivery for over 25 years, it has become clear that the challenges we face…

Qandor member Philippa Somerset is Director of Somerset Estates. In this article, she talks about the first adjudication related to coronavirus and property in the UK.

In the beginning of April, there was a pivotal moment in the construction courts. Deemed to be the first of many, the Millchris Developments…

Qandor member and director of Catax, Shaun Marsden talks about a new way to use tax relief to grow your business

Innovation and business development are rife in the UK, however this usually requires a significant investment from businesses which can be difficult to source, especially for start-ups and SMEs.

John Friis, Qandor member, Managing Director and co-founder of Watermark Homes, writes about the advantages of getting funding through crowdfunding.

In 2018, in partnership with former Qandor member Lafina Diamandis of Eurekadoc, Watermark Homes successfully partially funded the purchase of our Catherine House development through crowdfunding.

A conversion of an…

Tas Kyriacou, Director at Intelligent Digital Solutions, on how new technologies can be healthier than traditional ones.

“Today, new luxury residential developments must include the latest technology to make life simpler for residents. People want easy, modern control in their homes” Sunil Pankhania, Westcombe Operations Director.

Whether designing, developing or…

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